How do I share my Spotify subscription?


❗ Before submitting your subscription for sharing, make sure you have a DUO or FAMILY offer.

ℹ️ Spotify subscriptions are shared via an invitation link, meaning everyone has their own sub-account. Sharing credentials is not necessary here.

In this article, we'll explain how to share your Spotify multi-account plan.

🤔 The method:

👑 The owner:

Once you have a co-subscriber on Spliiit, follow these steps:

① Head to your Account Settings.

② In Subscription, click on Manage Members.

③ Before inviting your co-subscribers, set up the postal address you'll communicate to them later.

④ Now copy the invitation link and send it in the group conversation with your co-subscriber, on Spliiit.

👤 The co-subscriber:

As soon as the co-subscriber makes his/her monthly payment on Spliiit, the owner sends him/her a personalized invitation to join the subscription.

① You receive and open the invitation. Now click on the Accept invitation button.

② After accepting, if you already have a Spotify account (with your playlists and music), continue with it.

  • 💡 If you don't have an account yet, simply create one, on the spot, to join the Spotify family.

③ Enter the postal address.

❗ The address must be the same as the owner's. He'll provide it to you via group chat on Spliiit.

④ Click on Confirm address then Open Spotify.

That's it! Each member of a Spotify Family subscription has his or her own sub-account, with personal preferences and credentials 🎧

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What's the difference between free and paid Spotify?
Free Spotify offers limited access to the music library, ads between songs and limited audio quality. What's more, on mobile, playlists are only available in shuffle mode.
Does Spotify use a lot of 4G?
No, Spotify doesn't consume a lot of 4G. When streaming, Spotify uses on average between 40 and 60 MB of data per hour, which is relatively low for a 4G connection.
Does Spotify work without the Internet?
No, Spotify does not work without Internet. You need an Internet connection to use Spotify, but you can download your tracks with Spotify Premium so you can listen to your music anywhere without Internet access.
How do I cancel Spotify?
You can cancel your Spotify subscription by going to your account on the Spotify website, clicking on "Settings" and selecting "Cancel my subscription". You will then need to confirm the cancellation and wait for the subscription to end.

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