How to share your Norton 360 subscription ?


The sharing of this service is by invitation. No sharing of credentials is necessary.

To install Norton 360 on another device, follow the steps below:

The method :

For the owner :

Log in to the Norton website or open the Norton 360 application on the device on which it is installed.

From the application :

Click Open in front of "Device Security".

On the new page, click on "Protect another device".

Fill in the email address of the person who wishes to join you and click on Send.

From the website :

On the Start page, click on Send a download link (below Install on another device)

Enter the email address of the person who wishes to install the application (PC, MAC, tablets, smartphones)

For the new member :

You must have received an invitation by email from Norton.

Click on the Install button on the email. Alternatively, open the link you received by SMS or other means and click on Install.

Then click Accept and Download to save the application in your device.

Once the download is complete, launch the installation and follow the instructions on the screen.

That's it ! You can now navigate safely 😊.

Norton 360, the plans that can be shared

Type of sharing

Link sharing

Number of places

20 Maximum users
  • Norton 360 Deluxe

  • Norton 360 Premium

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