How to share your Bitdefender subscription ?


So you use Spliiit to share your Bitdefender account?

In this article, we will give you the best practices to adopt so that everything goes smoothly.

Method :

You can share your Bitdefender account with up to 9 people depending on the subscription selected.

Account sharing is done with an email invitation. An email invitation is valid for 24 hours.

To get started, go to your subscription dashboard, and click on "install products".

How to share your  Bitdefender subscription ?

Select the product to be installed.

Then choose to install Bitdefender on another device.

How to share your  Bitdefender subscription ?

How to share your Bitdefender subscription ?

The co-subscriber will only have to accept the invitation received by e-mail.

How to share your Bitdefender subscription?

Your account is shared!

Bitdefender, ponuky, ktoré je možné zdieľať

Typ zdieľania

Zdieľanie odkazov

Počet miest

15 Maximálny počet používateľov
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

  • Bitdefender internetová bezpečnosť

  • Bitdefender Celková bezpečnosť

  • Bitdefender Prémiové zabezpečenie

  • Bitdefender Zabezpečenie malých kancelárií

  • Bitdefender Celková bezpečnosť

  • Bitdefender Rodinný balíček

  • Bitdefender Prémiové zabezpečenie Plus

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