Netflix is changing the rules of sharing outside the household!

You have probably heard about the video streaming platform's recent announcement.

In a letter to investors, Netflix announced, "We plan to deploy paid sharing more widely later in the first quarter of 2023." It will no longer be possible to share your subscription without paying an additional fee.

Let's take a look together at what Netflix is planning based on the various announcements and tests made by the SVOD giant in Latin America. We will also talk about possible changes in sharing. But also and above all: how to carry on sharing your subscription at the best rate on

First things first

Netflix has confirmed that "you will not be charged automatically if you share your account without acquiring additional households."

What's new

Netflix has announced new rules regarding the sharing of its subscriptions.

Accounts will be limited to people living in the same household. Netflix thus clarifies the concept of "household" which is mentioned in its General Terms of Service (GTS).

This means that users wishing to share their subscription with people living outside their household will be able to do so, but will have to pay an additional fee.

The platform also explains that it has worked hard to create new features that improve the customer experience. Among them, the ability for members to check which devices are using their account and to transfer a profile to a new account.

In short, Netflix account sharing simply is no longer free but also gets better in the process.

If we transpose what has been tested in Latin America, the additional fees should range between 3€ and 4€ per additional household.

What will change on Spliiit

Current splits on Spliiit will naturally be updated as soon as NETFLIX implements new rules (the launch date is unknown at the moment).

We will always make sure to respect the pricing policies of the publishers, so that sharing remains always fair for everyone. This is a prerequisite for Spliiit to be the best platform for sharing subscriptions.

What doesn't change on Spliiit

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