How to share your Prime Video account?


Prime Video subscription sharing works through activating a "TV code" on co-subscribers' devices. There is no need to share credentials here.

🤔 The method

👑 The owner

Once you have a co-subscriber on Spliiit and before giving him/her access to your subscription, follow these steps:

① From the Prime Video app menu, go to Accounts & Settings.

② Go to the Restrictions tab and then configure your Owner PIN code.

③ Don't forget to turn ON purchase restrictions, just below.

④ Disable viewing restrictions, so your co-subscribers can access viewing without any trouble.

⑤ Stay tuned until you get your co-subscriber's "TV code": go to and insert the code in the appropriate field.

Register your co-subscriber's device to activate his or her access.

👤 The co-subscriber:

ℹ️ Only some devices can be activated via a "TV code". Be sure to use an authorized device to fully enjoy your access.

  • ✅ Possible devices: Smart TV, Internet Box, Multimedia players (Blu-Ray,...) and Video game consoles.
  • ❌ Non-compatible devices: Computer, smartphone and tablet.

As soon as you join an owner's subscription on Spliiit, you will be able to activate your device. Follow the steps below:

① Install and open the Prime Video app on your TV or device.

② Once installed, head to the Sign in icon, then select Register on the Prime website.

③ You land on this screen: take the TV code that appears and communicate it to the owner via the Spliiit group messaging system. NB: The owner will be notified by email of your message.

④ Once your device has been activated by the owner, you'll be directed to the profiles home page. Click on the + and follow the steps until you complete the creation of your own profile.

And there you go! Enjoy all Prime Video content at the best possible price thanks to sharing 🍿

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