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Spliiit is a subscription sharing website that allows to connect subscription owners with co-subscribers to save money. Spliiit takes the carpooling philosophy and extends it to the world of subscriptions.

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Hit a new target

Account sharing makes it possible to monetize new users who would never have subscribed directly to the service. So your paying audience grows and your income increases. 1 in 2 people refuse to pay more than 10 € / month for their streaming service.

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Develop important targets

People living alone, young working people and students all have significant budget constraints. Co-subscription allows these important and under-represented targets to legally subscribe to paid services. Only 36% of single people have a SVOD subscription. 66% of 18-24 year olds cannot financially have more than one monthly subscription.


Retain subscribers

Given that in co-subscription, co-subscribers pay less, they tend to keep their subscriptions longer even when they use the service less because they can afford this monthly expense of a little money. The subscription owner behaves like a ship's captain. As long as he has co-subscribers on board, he keeps his subscription even if his appetence for the service is lower. At Spliiit, the churn rate of owners is less than 1.5%, which is 4 to 5 times lower than the average observed by direct publishers. Yet we only offer the most expensive offers to several profiles simultaneously. Even if the co-subscribers do not have a time commitment, the churn rate of co-subscribers is less than 5%. They know that their subscription is very competitive and they want to keep it even if they use it less for several months in a row.

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Eradicate abusive account sharing

Co-subscribing makes users more responsible. Co-subscribers' financial participation encourages them to respect the rules and limits abusive sharing. Spliiit goes further and provides publishers with a multi-platform Web and in-App iOs and Android API to facilitate the creation of out-of-home sharing offers via an email invitation system as well as a limit on the number of simultaneous connections to the service in line with the number of slots defined on the shareable subscription.


Create a new community

Spliiit promotes the Collaborative and Convivial Spirit. Using Spliiit allows to create "families" interested by the same service. Our users particularly appreciate discussing about their tastes and sharing their opinions on the content of the service. This increases their engagement with the service in question.

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