How do I share or subscribe to a service on Spliiit?

❗ Important : Sharing a subscription can be done in two possible ways.

  • πŸ” Sharing credentials: the subscription owner provides his/her username and password, shared via the Spliiit vault. We recommend using a password dedicated to sharing!
  • πŸ”— Sharing via invitation link: the account owner invites co-subscribers via a link, often sent by email.

πŸ‘‘ The Owner :

On Spliiit, the owner is the one who adds his/her multi-user offer. He has free slots on his/her subscription and wants to share his/her accesses to save money.

β‘  After creating your Spliiit account and choosing your country of residence, click on Share a subscription.

β‘‘ Then select the service you wish to share. Access the full list if the subscription you're looking for isn't in the suggestions.

β‘’ Then choose the type of sharing for the subscription in question:

  • 🌍 Either you create a public share so that all users can see the slots available in your subscription and easily find co-subscribers
  • 🀝 Either you create a 100% private split, because you already know who you want to split your costs with. So you choose to invite your friends and family to become your co-subscribers.

β‘£ Depending on the subscription you choose, then decide how many seats you'd like to share.

β‘€ You're all set! Check the GTC box and click on Create.

β‘₯ The subscription in question has now been added to your Dashboard. You're now ready to receive requests from co-subscribers who wish to participate in your subscription (in case of public sharing).

πŸ’‘ TIPS for the owner:

  • ⏳ He/she has 48h to accept a co-subscription request.
  • 🌍 He/she can only share a subscription if it is from his/her country of residence.
  • πŸ‘₯ He/she makes sure he/she has a multi-account subscription before offering it for sharing.

πŸ‘€ The co-subscriber:

On Spliiit, the co-subscriber is the one who joins a multi-user offer via the Marketplace. He occupies one of the free slots on an owner's subscription and contributes to the costs.

β‘  Access Spliiit's Marketplace symbolized by the πŸ” icon.

β‘‘ Search for or select the subscription you wish to join from all the site's categories.

β‘’ You land on a list of offers: choose one of the owners and click Join.

β‘£ Tick the T&Cs box, then choose the desired payment method.

  • πŸ‘› Either use the funds in your balance, which you've accumulated by sharing your subscriptions or which you've topped up beforehand
  • πŸ’³ Or pay by credit card, directly from your payment method

β‘€ Following payment, you can see the progress of your request on your Dashboard.

β‘₯ You have now joined the subscription! Here you'll find your access, which is materialized either by the owner's login details. Or by an invitation link sent by e-mail.

πŸ’‘ TIPS for the co-subscriber:

  • πŸ†“ He/she can unsubscribe at any time, Spliiit is commitment-free!
  • πŸ”™ He/she can request a refund if the subscription he/she paid for doesn't work.
  • ☝️ He/she uses only one device to access the subscription, corresponding to the paid seat.

Other questions about how Spliiit works?
Have a look at the FAQ and our help center, or drop us a line in the site chat!

You now have all the necessary details to offer your subscriptions and/or subscribe to other services πŸ“š !

Want to share this subscription?

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