How to share your Express VPN subscription ?

  • ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPN bypasses content restrictions and censorship to provide unlimited access to videos, music, and social media, worldwide. ExpressVPN hides your IP address and encrypts your network data so that no one can see what you are doing. You are protected with just one click.

  • Type of sharing

    Password sharing

    Number of places

    5 Maximum users

    Are you an owner? Before you start, make sure you have subscribed to one of these offers:

    • 1 month Access all ExpressVPN apps, with unlimited bandwidth. 12.95€/month
    • 1 year Access all ExpressVPN apps, with unlimited bandwidth. 99.95€/year

    We would like to remind you that our service works on the basis of goodwill and trust between the owner and the subscriber. We therefore kindly ask you to respect Spliiit's Terms and Conditions in order to enjoy the best possible experience.


    Important : Before starting, if you wish to share your Express VPN account, we advise you to use a dedicated password to it! Indeed, by giving your password, you give de facto access to the administration of your Express VPN subscription. This is why we suggest that you only share your account with people you know (Friends, Family, roommate...).

    You can share your Express VPN account with up to 5 people

    Account sharing is done with the account credentials.

    Express VPN uses a two-factor authentication ! This means that the owner has to communicate the six-digit code received by e-mail, which is valid for only 10 minutes for the co-subscriber.

    Here it is, your shared account 👍🏻!

    Want to share this subscription?

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