How to share your Setapp Family account?


❗ You can share your Setapp subscription by inviting your co-subscribers. Either, each has its own sub-account and login credentials.

🤔 The method:

👑 The owner:

Once you have a co-subscriber on Spliiit, follow these steps:

① After taking out a "Family" subscription, you'll have access to the Manage Family tab from your Setapp account.

② You'll land on the invitations page: as soon as you have a co-subscriber on Spliiit, enter his/her email then click Invite Now.

③ When your co-subscriber accepts the invitation, the status shown next to their email address changes to Active.

👤 The co-subscriber:

As soon as the co-subscriber pays his monthly rate on Spliiit, the owner sends him/her an invitation by email.

① The co-subscriber receives an e-mail invitation similar to this one.

② Click on Accept invitation.

③ Newcomers to Setapp must create a Setapp account and install the Setapp computer application.

④ Done! The co-subscriber becomes a family participant and can then take advantage of all Setapp's features.

ℹ️ Note: As part of the co-subscriber registration procedure, it is mandatory to add a credit card (in the Setapp application). However, the co-subscriber's card will not be debited.

Now all you have to do is enjoy the dozens of applications available 👍🏻 !

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