How to share your Eset subscription ?


We would like to remind you that our service works on the basis of goodwill and trust between the owner and the subscriber. We therefore kindly ask you to respect Spliiit's Terms and Conditions in order to enjoy the best possible experience.


Important : Before starting, if you wish to share your Eset account, we advise you to use a dedicated password to it! Indeed, by giving your password, you give de facto access to the administration of your Eset subscription. This is why we suggest that you only share your account with people you know (Friends, Family, roommate...).

You can share your Eset Internet Security account with up to 10 people or devices.

You can share your Eset Smart Security Premium account up to a maximum of 5 people or devices.

Please check the number of devices authorized by your current subscription before offering it on Spliiit.

The sharing of this account is done with your login and password.

Here it is, your shared account 👍🏻!

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