How to share your Microsoft Office 365 subscription ?

  • A solution for you and your family on all your devices. Includes Office Premium software for up to 6 users on PC or Mac.

  • Type of sharing

    Link sharing

    Number of places

    6 Maximum users

    Are you an owner? Before you start, make sure you have subscribed to one of these offers:

    • FamilyGet the best work done, get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more.8.25€/year
    • FamilyGet the best work done, get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more.10€/month

    The sharing of this service is by invitation. No sharing of credentials is necessary.

    If you have purchased Office 365 Family, you can share the benefits of your subscription with up to five other people in your household at no extra cost.

    The method :

    For the owner: 

    Log in to your Microsoft account. Go to the Sharing page. On the Sharing page, click on Start Sharing.

    Invite your co-subscribers by entering their email address or by copying the link to send it through the channel of your choice (SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger...).

    For the co-subscriber : 

    Open the received mail.

    Click on join and connect your Microsoft account or create one if necessary. Follow the instructions.

    You're ready to use the Office 365 suite!

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