Dematerialized subscriptions

Nowadays, more and more products are available in digital format and can be purchased by subscription. Physical purchases are becoming rarer in favor of this new mode of consumption. Let's take a look at some examples of this new way of buying.

CDs and DVDs

It is becoming increasingly rare to physically acquire a CD or DVD. Indeed, streaming platforms are multiplying while offering very advantageous subscription rates. Netflix, OCS or Amazon Prime give users access to a whole catalogue of films and series, some of which are exclusive. Similarly, Spotify and Deezer, among others, offer an almost unlimited choice of music of all styles. Another significant advantage is that these platforms offer subscriptions that allow several people to enjoy them at the same time on different media. No more need for a DVD or CD that only one member of the family or roommate likes.

Storage spaces 

It is also becoming increasingly rare to invest in a hard drive. Data storage is nowadays more often carried out via internet offers. The cloud is the best example of this. Subscription is often done through your internet package. The cloud will allow you to store all your files, documents and images online. You will be able to access it wherever you are by connecting to it from any of your devices. All you need is an internet connection.

The software

It also seems a long time ago when one used to go to a shop to buy computer software. Nowadays, they can also buy them in a dematerialized way. After the payment, you get a code to enter which gives you access to the installation of the chosen software. A subscription service is also available. It allows you to pay, generally once a year, an amount less than that of a definitive purchase. This offer allows you to benefit from all the updates and to always have the latest version released.

The press 

More and more people are moving away from paper to computers and tablets. For example, press subscriptions are generally also offered in a dematerialized form. This means that you can enjoy reading the newspaper and your favorite magazines anytime and anywhere. No more waiting for the postman or going to the bookshop.

The benefits of these subscriptions 

These subscriptions have several attractive points. They allow you to save space. This means you have fewer items to store at home. You travel lighter without having to carry your hard drive or DVDs to entertain children. Another extremely positive point: all your subscriptions automatically follow you wherever you go. You don't need to change your address when you're on holiday or moving house. You always have access to all your content. You can enjoy your reading and music at any time and share it at your leisure with whoever you want, wherever you want.

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